About Us


Hi, my name is Ben Bouwhuis.  I'm your Primary Contact and Coordinator at AFFEXCO global.

Our mission is to provide our customers with Executive Business & Corporate Business Coaching focused on Sustainable Business around the world, in order to support you to achieve your goals.

We can offer a coaching-team for your global business that makes 2+2 add up to 5.  With either a single coach or a coaching-team-approach, the combination of our multilingualism, varying educational backgrounds and multiculturalism stands for the utmost quality of what we can offer.


We all need to make money, have good food on the table. And the future of business is in sustainability. The transition needs to be made.

Coaching, combined with Consulting is so incredibly useful and powerful that people from any country and level of income should be able to enjoy the great benefits.  It should not be only for the rich. Business should focus on optimal quality of life for all of us. We want to take an active role in that matter. Therefor, we especially focus on the development of sustainability within international business. 

AFFEXCO global affiliates contribute actively to the integration of and cooperation between  (promising) clever minds and hardworking folks across the globe. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Ben Bouwhuis

co-founder of AFFEXCO. com


Everybody has to earn a living. Everybody should have the chance to that.  Whether you're from a wealthy or a poor background should not determine your chances in life. Neither should any other factor you can't steer yourself. Even though life can be difficult. If you work hard and on a good ethical base, you can make it. If you want to and work for it, you'll be among like-minded here.

Ethics: Every person working in and for AFFEXCO global commits to working for sustainable business development. It is very important to maintain very high ethical standards in whatever we and you do. All affiliates at AFFEXCO global  abide by the ethical rules of the International Coaching Federation ICF. You'll find them under this link: 

ICF Code of ethics