AFFEXCO global

About AFFEXCO global


Make our world a better one for all by helping courageous and visionary business-owners worldwide to discover and use the great opportunities of sustainable business. The future is ours to grab, both in rich countries and in developing economies. 


Our multicultural, multilingual team will help start-ups, SME’s and larger businesses worldwide, also in emerging economies, to become stronger and more attractive for investors and not lose customers by supporting them towards more sustainable performance. Customers and investors look for sustainable businesses, we’ll help you become one.



Everybody has to earn a living. Everybody should have the chance to that.  Whether you’re from a wealthy or a poor background should not determine your chances in life. Neither should any other factor you can’t steer yourself. If you work hard and on a good ethical base, you can make it. If you and your business really want something and work for it, you’ll be among like-minded here.

Every person working in and for AFFEXCO global commits to working for sustainable business development within the scale of our contracts. It is very important for us to maintain very high ethical standards in whatever we and you do. All affiliates at AFFEXCO global  abide by the ethical rules of the International Coaching Federation ICF.